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Rearview Mirror

Hey there, friends!

I'm the farthest thing from a writer, so please excuse any and all grammatical errors. I wanted to share a few thoughts that I've gathered over the last year and didn't want my concern of where commas are properly placed to be the reason of not sharing. So, here it goes...

It's the first week of May and I'm packing the final items before I head off to my FIRST out of town pop-up shop in Fredericksburg, TX when the phone rings. It's Enterprise, so I assume they are calling to confirm my reservation for the giant van I'm renting in less than 12 hours. Much to my surprise, they are actually calling to tell me that the van has been wrecked and they can no longer offer a vehicle to me, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE A VAN FOR ME TO RENT?" I thought to myself! If I'm being honest, I wanted to scream that to the kind gentleman on the phone (lol, but seriously), but I also knew it was completely NOT his fault. He told me they were closing in less than 5 minutes so there was no way to come up with an alternative plan before closing, but that he would call me back within the first 30 minutes of opening the following morning. Pacing my room at a 100mph, I called a few other vehicle rental places, but the cost to rent a van so last minute was SO expensive that not going at all seemed to be my only option. After some tears and a lot of prayers, I decided to go to sleep, stop stressing, and get up and drive the 2 hours to the vehicle rental place (where the van was wrecked) the following morning and stick to the original plan. Sure enough, the sweet guy called me within the first 30 minutes of them opening (and 1 hour into my drive headed their way) to let me know they had found a vehicle for me and it would be ready and waiting for me to get there! R E L I E F and P E A C E immediately overflowed my body.

I briefly tell you that story (extremely shortened, bc hello, I know you have a life! ha!) because that basically sums up my first year of business in a nutshell with the constant stress and unplanned events AND that sweet gentleman who called and provided peace and relieved me of stress during that situation - has been what Jesus has been to me over and over and over again during this journey.

I'm still very young, 26 to be exact, but I can tell you one thing FOR SURE - I have learned so much about LIFE this past year. Truly. I set up at a little over 20 pop-up shops during the last year and NOTHING has gone as planned. Seriously at every show something goes wrong! Hahahhaha, I mean now I just laugh about it because it's getting where now it's just comical and makes me not take everything so serious. But Y'ALL God keeps showing up and out does himself EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I won't know everyone that reads this and I won't know your story or what you're going through. But I know that you are loved. And I know you are forgiven. And I know that God wants to show up for you right where you are! Messy, complicated, confused, stressed, hurting, or ashamed. Let His goodness take over your life. Let His peace be what you have needed for a long time. Let His love show you a love you have never known. Let His grace wipe away your past. 

He shows up for us everyday - We just have to show up ready for Him and willing to trust Him. I'm so thankful for this journey + you.

Xx, Kagan